Pull out the stops – focus on your Transferable Skills

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In today’s job market, prospective employees are increasingly expected to do their job as well as take on various tasks from within the organisation. And while this may not represent the ideal, it’s worth noting that more jobs are being lost and the work load is simply being spread around a little – so it’s not something that is going to go away in a hurry. 

As we know, knowledge is power, so why not take a look at your Transferable Skills and add this to your arsenal when talking to potential employers? 

But what are Transferable Skills Simply put, these are personal abilities, attributes mostly unrelated to your actual occupation – soft skills.  For instance, a Teacher would display Patience, Persuasiveness, Kindness, Diplomacy and Sensitivity. These qualities are vital in other roles such as Counsellors, Coaches or Call Centre Agents.

Sit down and evaluate your Transferable Skills – can they help towards a promotion, a change of direction in your current job, or even help you to find a new one? Think about your leisure pursuits or volunteer work and what they have taught you. Click here for a list Transferable Skills.

 Now, you’re ready to show off your talents in the work place. 

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