The hiring bottleneck – are you boring your candidates out of a job?

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In a market littered with BEE landmines and beaurocracy, the more information and latitude a hiring manager has on what they want and when, the simpler and quicker this procedure becomes.

Streamlined – if you will.

The sad truth is, however, that when Joe Awesome finally comes along – with a CV packed full of credentials and captaincies – you can bet your office coffee machine that he has a trail of recruiters and SME’s sniffing at his heels. If you want to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors, you simply cannot let rarities like this fall through the cracks because of heel-dragging, indecision or ‘process’.

Sadly. It’s the bigger, established companies who suffer from this juggernaut mentality with slow moving wheels attached to a giant spinning ball of red tape and five people doing the job of one in a committee environment, complete with minute taking and mid-morning refreshments before they decide what the job description will be. The general mood being one of – aren’t you lucky to be working for us, we offer a juice bar!

Well actually, no. While you’re having meetings about meetings and thinking outside the box, imagineering solutions and leveraging key competencies, Joe Awesome has been approached by, interviewed, offered and hired by a dynamic 21st century SME in the space of a week. Companies are simply taking too long to hire good talent, and while they are doing so, other fast-moving organisations are galloping across the finish line with the top calibre staff. Is that really what you want?

It’s time to examine your hiring mechanism – perhaps apply for a position in your own organisation and watch the wheels turn. Are your processes actually still practicable in today’s market, or is it time to dust off the dinosaur and re-write the rules?

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