No joy in your job?

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When you break it down into hours and minutes, it becomes depressingly obvious that we spend more time with Moira from accounts than we do with our own family, and dragging our sad selves into the coffee lounge to partake in tepid beverages from dirty cups instead of rolling on the grass with our small people.

But the bottom line is simply that very few of us have the luxury of being in a position which fully satisfies all the fundamentals that we have been seeking since childhood. For the vast majority of us, we are in a job which is just that – a job. If we leave, we starve. End of.

So really then we need to make the best of our current situation. What can we do?

Are you having a problem with your colleagues? Being thrown into a mix of people not of your choosing will almost always result in some sort of conflict. Try a little empathy – are they in a bad mood… or did their 4 yr old pee in the bed and have them up half the night changing bedding? Treating people with the same understanding that we would like in return is a sure fire way to resolve issues – or at least diminish them.

Stress isn’t called a killer for nothing! And if your fight or flight is permanently on high alert then you need to think about what you’re doing to your body. As ever, its always easier said than done, but taking time away from your desk to relax, breathe, and disconnect is vital in getting through the rough patches. Employers who don’t get this require a course correction as it’s screamingly obvious in today’s modern life that we all need some down time!

But is your body screaming at you too? It’s too easy to reach for the crisps and coke, or better still – coffee! Filling up on these unhealthy snacks at work not only rubbishes any intention of looking good, but it slowly destroys your insides putting you on a treadmill of the permanently tired, cantankerous red-eyed employee. Fresh fruit and vegetables do more for you than your favourite caffeinated tipple – plan ahead, pack something awesome.

Remember, we can’t always change our immediate situation, but we can change the way we handle it. 

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