Starting from the bottom – tips on filtering out the best of the Millenials

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A great deal has been written for young grads entering the big scary working world, but there is another side to this coin which is worth exploring.

Hiring managers looking for fresh young talent which they can mould and sculpt into their best and brightest often have a hard time sifting through the dross. And having a single page CV with a list of qualifications makes it tricky to identify the willing and eager gems who are likely to bring value to your company.

Here are a few things to look out for which may narrow your search parameters.

The paper trail

 Writing a good CV is an essential skill, and your first opportunity to see how they are presenting themselves. In this modern day and age where children are born knowing MS Word, there is no excuse for sloppy spelling and poor grammar. The CV will always be a little thin, and that’s understandable, but there should be vacation jobs, weekend work or other projects which they were involved in. The nature of these will likely give some insight as to who this person is, and what interests them. It will show whether they are adventurous (have they worked abroad) or interested in give back (counselling, youth work etc)

Face to face

It’s a given that this young sprout will be nervous and jittery at the interview. Try and look past this  and see who you really have in front of you. What you are seeking is a willingness to learn, a natural curiosity and a realistic view of where they are going and how quickly.  Help them to relax and show you who they are. Watch and see how people respond to them – how do they build relationships, do they get the best out of people around them? Are they looking for opportunities to prove themselves? Are they accountable? Tailor your questions to get them to open up and communicate as opposed to challenging them.

When looking to fill a graduate role, there will be many people who can do the job – but look under the hood and see the ‘who’ behind the certificate.

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