Top Talent Tools – Part 1

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As technology lurches forward at an often frightening pace, recruiters and employers are often baffled by the logistics of sourcing that particular candidate who has the ‘wow’ factor. From Facebook, online job portals, LinkedIn and more, we are faced with a dizzying array of options, each person telling you about their skill set and their increasingly impressive qualifications. This is a big subject, agreed, but we are only going to focus on two small but significant aspects.

Let’s face it, everyone with an internet connection has access to the same pool of talent on the web. So what more can we do?

Firstly, start by finding the WOW. Here at Top Drawer we have actually got a little ‘Wow’ box which we tick when we meet that special candidate. To be brutally frank, there are 100 people that can fill a vacancy and do the job well, if not wonderfully. And it’s these people who populate most of the workforce, getting the job done. But we have all met that someone that leaps out and makes you go, “Wow”. I had it recently at the Hillcrest McDonalds drive through. The man at the last window was most likely a minimum wage earner in a low key position, but boy did he do his job well! A cheery smile, a quick apology and an update as to where my order was – handed over with a professional flourish and a great big wave goodbye. So it’s not all about qualifications, position or experience, it’s about attitude! When we find those ‘Wow’ people, we grab them with both hands and hold them high, because we know for an absolute certainty that wherever they go, even if they are not the most qualified, they will be “the best person for the job”. We’ve said it before – skills can be taught, but you employ a personality.

Secondly, and this is an area that is often overlooked, have you looked internally? Don’t be fooled into promoting your best sales person into the sales management role (in fact, often good sales people make rubbish managers – too much ego). Look around. Everyone has got hidden talents. I have seen a top class PA transferred into Technical Sales and rocket up the ladder; learning, doing, trying, and it worked. Her attitude was right, she was desperate to learn and grow, and the very reasons the Directors employed her were the same attributes which made her the most successful technical person in the company. Take the time to get to know who is working for you. Perhaps they have talents that can be put to good use in another department. To this end we looking to team up with a wonderfully talented group of coaches who can show you in black and white the ‘who’ behind the employee, and from there it’s easy to manoeuvre them into the very best place for you and them.

Look out for more on this exciting subject in future posts. If you have any thoughts on this subject we would love to hear from you.

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