Top Talent Tools Part II – keeping top talent!

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A fascinating article appeared on the Forbes website contributed by Louis Efron which resonated with us here at Top Drawer, relating to the question of why companies lose good employees.

What I appreciated was how much of the onus rested on the shoulders of the employer to provide more than a desk and a pay check. We are always searching for ways to attract and retain top calibre staff for our clients, and with statistics in the US showing the average employment term of a staff member is a shocking 1.5 years, we can see that we have our work cut out for us.

As an employer, your business IS your people and the quality of your service and product is a direct result of how happy they are in the environment that you have produced

Have a critical look at your systems and your people and then run through the following thoughts.

Most employees work to live, not the other way around. And companies that realise that these are individuals and not payroll numbers are likely to engage them in the company’s vision – connect them to the bigger picture.  In real terms this means that the employees have a sense of purpose and that they can contribute.

Employers role – provide a clear vision and purpose for their role, their department, their company.

As individuals, we all want to be heard. Our frustrations, our ideas and suggestions are critical, and if we feel that we are important enough, and have the platform to air our thoughts, then not only will we be satisfied that the company actually cares about us an a person, but we are far more likely to buy into ideas and changes that management want to implement.

Employers must – take the time to listen to your people. If possible, get coaches in to assess who you have employed and where their strengths are. Harness their capabilities and find out what motivates them. (For more on this subject visit Juiced Strategies – SI2 Process)

We are always looking ahead to see where we are going, but if the path is muddy and confusing we tend to get a little anxious, and the feet become itchy. Further to the above point, to really get to know your people and spend the time mapping out a career path for them, vertically or laterally, goes a long way in providing both stability as well as a progressive feel.

Employers must – Know who you have in your team and ensure that their value is noted. Draw up a plan with them and engage them at regular intervals so they know that you are focussed on them, not just your bottom line.

Where’s the fun? In this modern world with complete interconnection, do we really need to staple our employees to their desks in a 9-5 situation? In 2003, Best Buy implemented their ROWE system – Results Only Work Environment, which reduced their work focus to one thing – productivity. The results were startling, with management citing performance spikes, and positive engagement. This obviously cannot work for all companies, but  there are degrees of involvement in this area.

“For businesses, this means that attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent depends on reinventing their work environments, blurring the line between work and play. Companies must embrace a culture of increased autonomy and innovation, and engage employees around a powerful mission and purpose”

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Top Drawer are striving to partner up great employees with forward thinking companies who deserve them, and make sure that we understand the culture well enough to really add value.

If you have any tips or suggestions we would be thrilled to hear them.

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