“Top Drawer now offers a variation of classical recruitment, which puts current job market demands and employee work values at the fore of its business. We make it our business to understand your business and work values, so that we can make the best matches.”Ian Todd / Director


We strive to partner with organisations that adopt a culture of meritocracy, that embrace transparency and that recognise and reward talent. While our recruiting field includes mostly permanent, executive and senior placements, we are not limited to these and take great pleasure in offering a full range service to include temporary and contract staffing solutions across all sectors.

Recruitment Services for Clients


We offer job placement services for:
• Permanent
• Temporary
• Contract

We also offer tailor made placement processes from start to finish, including:

• Advertisement handling
• Candidate screening and psychometric assessment
• Shortlisting
• Interviewing
• Recommendations for employment

Candidate Screening

• Credit Checks
• Criminal Screening
• Reference Checks
• Psychometric Assessment
• Individual and Group Interviews
• Advertisement Response Handling
• Job Description and Advertising

“We strive to partner with organisations that adopt a culture of meritocracy, that embrace transparency and that recognise and reward talent. Successful outcomes are achieved by a commitment to transparent processes between all parties.”
Paul Bushell / Business Psychologist

Talent Recognition
Talent Recognition

In a rapidly changing job economy recruitment needs to stay current. Top Drawer now offers talent recognition services for businesses. We understand that corporate culture and values are important determinants in choosing and keeping the right kind of talent. We are committed to recruitment and retention processes which maximize the potential of great talent. For some businesses it is strategic conversations about the kind of talent that they need to drive their business. Where’s for other business, it is strategic conversations around keeping and maximizing existing talents.


Corporate mentorship has become crucial to developing young talent. It has also become a top work value for young employees, and central to retaining talent.

Top Drawer has extensive experience in developing and implementing mentorship programmes in South Africa. These programmes can be tailor-made to teams, divisions or businesses. This includes:

  • The structuring of these relationships
  • The establishing of norms and expectations in these relationships
  • The ways of maintaining good mentor relationships
  • On-going mentor and mentee support
  • IT solutions to make these relationships easier

    We also offer on-going support to mentor programmes, including refresher workshops on mentorship, mentor program audits as well as close-out debriefing.

  • Training

    We now offer a variety of training and development solutions. This can also include accessing accredited qualifications and learnerships for BBB-EE purposes.

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Effective Communication
  • Report Writing
  • RTF
    Round Table Facilitation

    In the rapidly changing world, innovation and the sharing of information has become crucial to business. We facilitate industry specific round table discussions to stimulate industry creativity and the sharing of leading innovation.

    These discussions can be requested for your industry, and we make it our job to get other like minded specialists in the room to enhance your understanding and discussion of your industry. Call it a think tank for innovation and change.

    Corporate Social Investment

    CSI has become an important consideration for South African business. This has important BBB-EE and other tax implications.

    We have extensive experience in helping business design and implement meaningful and measurable CSI projects. This can include some of the following processes:

  • Needs Analysis for business
  • BBB-EE Score Card Evaluations (including HR Score Care
  • CSI Project Development
  • CSI Project Management
  • CSI Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Change Management
    Change Management

    In a continuously changing and dynamic economy, business needs to be prepared to change.

    We believe that human capital has the solutions to drive change. In order to access these solutions, Top Drawer offers tailor-made processes to better design and prepare for change. This often requires facilitated processes around needs analysis, strategic reformulation, project management planning and implementation.

    At the same, managing change for human capital can be challenging. Dealing with the new and unfamiliar is a complicated psychological process, which needs careful planning and approach. Top Drawer offers support to business managing human capital during this kind of change. This includes a variety of facilitated processes, psychological interventions (debriefing, counseling services) and psychometric assessment.

    Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning & Project Design

    Top Drawer offers tailor-made facilitated processes to assist business, divisions or project teams during various project stages. This can include defining and outlining project goals and strategic plans, as well as strategic sessions during the course or close-out of projects. External facilitation has the ability to get team members to talk and generate ideas in a empathetic and non-judging way, which allows for free flowing creativity. Using dynamic design and system thinking methods, these kinds of processes can also be useful in assisting business find innovative solutions to doing business.

    If you come to us with a project, process, design, or human problem we will design a facilitated process to define the challenge and opportunity, outline the needs, stimulate creative human thinking, outline creative solutions, design a solution focused way-forward, and find ways to track this process.

    Conflict Resolution
    Conflict Resolution

    Conflict is a healthy part of growth and change. At the same time, it can be destructive to this process. We understand the importance of managing conflict positively and constructively.

    Empathy and creativity are often core values in managing these kinds of processes. We offer facilitated processes for individual, group, team and business conflict. These processes are tailor-made to the needs and desired outcomes of each situation.

    Beyond group processes, Top Drawer also offers key services to affected individuals including, debriefing and counseling, and psychometric assessment.

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