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Breathing for Wellness

Paul Bushell Personal Growth


Start this week with some simple mindful activities to boost your appreciation and openness to the world. Start the day by noticing your breathing.Paul Bushell / Business Psychologist

Give yourself 5 minutes before you leave for work or on the train to do this activity. With your eyes closed, focus on your breathe moving in and out of your body.

When you get to your desk, give yourself a 2 minute warm-up or self-massage.

Fold your arms in from you, and then move them away and towards your body in a circle. Feel your shoulder blades opening and closing. Do this with your eyes closed, and focus on the feeling in your body.

A great way of enhancing our mindfulness or awareness, is by taking the time to notice how we do simple things. It’s about slowing the moment down.

Do something different in your morning routine.

Walk a different route to the coffee machine. Read the paper before you answer emails. Wear a different outfit to work.

Before lunch, do a 2 minute visualization.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing something wonderful. Maybe visiting a place you really like, or a place that you want to visit. Imagine how you feel and the things that you do in this place. There are also some great guided visualizations on YouTube.

End the day by actively smiling.

Make a conscious effort to smile more. We expect the world to be kind to us, but we put very little positive energy into it. Make it happen for yourself.