Problem Solving

Quick Steps For Problem Solving

Paul Bushell Personal Growth


On a daily basis, we are all bombarded with problems that need solving. Here are some simple steps to help solve problems from the simple to the complex.Paul Bushell / Business Psychologist

Problem Solving

1. Start by understanding the problem. Take a few minutes to write the problem down, and make a list of the factors that are contributing to the problem.

2. Imagine what life would look like if the problem was fixed. This becomes the end goal.

3. Then, start to think of people that could help resolve the problem. Connecting with other people has been identified as one of the most important tools in creating personal success. Nobody achieves greatness alone.

4. Make a list of possible solutions. Again, take the time to write all of your ideas down. Allow yourself to be open to all sorts of possibilities.

5. Identify the risks and consequences of each potential solution. Every choice has a consequence, and the best solutions have win-win outcomes.

6. Chose the best strategy, and go for it.