jobs of the future

Jobs of the Future

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“What are the jobs of the future? Technology continues to change the world harder and faster. The job market is not exempt, and over the last 10 years we have seen jobs come and go.”Paul Bushell / Business Psychologist

This has a serious impact for young people starting their careers, and choosing subjects and courses at school and in further education.

In the face of this uncertainty, young people are encouraged to embrace and develop career skills which are not job-specific. This includes skills like creativity, empathy, cross cultural communication, resilience and adaptability.

In making decisions about what courses to take, young people should spend more time researching new and emerging jobs. There is a tendency to focus on jobs that we know. The chances are, many of these jobs won’t last our generational career span. Spend time on the internet searching new jobs and job trends.

This should be followed by career shadowing,where spending time with people already in their careers can reveal information around changing industry trends and gaps in these markets.

And finally, young people need to spend more time planning and engaging with their career development. The support of career coaches and psychologists will become increasingly important in helping people vision and map their careers. This will include processes around goal setting and then finding practical steps to make these a reality.

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