16 Days of Activism

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16 Days of Activism (25 November – 10 December) has become an annual moment to reflect on Gender Equality in South Africa.

Despite having one of the most progressive Constitutions in the world – how far have we really come with Gender Equality in the workplace? If you are looking to acknowledge, understand and improve Gender Equality in your workplace here are some ideas to discuss with your team.

Alternatively, contact us to facilitate a Gender Equality Workshop with your team.

Divide the room in half – YES and NO.
Ask participants to listen to the statement and choose a side of the room (YES or NO).

Gender Based Violence is a serious problem in South Africa.
(Gender Based Violence is a serious problem in South Africa, including Gender Based Violence in the Workplace.)

It’s natural for boys to be more aggressive or forward than girls.
(Generally boys have higher levels of testosterone, which can increase aggressiveness. However, this is not the cause or an excuse for Gender Based Violence. Gender Based Violence is motivated by the need to exercise power over another person using gender inequalities as a social weapon.)

Gender Based Violence is only done by men towards women.
(No – Gender Based Violence can be committed by straight and gay men and women. Anyone can use gender inequalities to make another person feel bad or do things that they don’t want to do.)

It’s easy for people to get out of abusive relationships or report workplace harassment.
(For various reasons, it is often hard for survivors to report Gender Based Violence, including Social, Economic and Psychological reasons. Many survivors become trapped in Cycle of Violence.)

Gender Based Violence requires touching.
(Gender Based Violence can be physical, psychological and verbal. It is not only physical.)

It was a compliment, so it can’t be harassment.
(What some people find funny or present as a joke, might be offensive to another person. We need to be careful about the words we use in the workplace.)

Gender Based Violence is always motivated by a desire for sex.
(No – Gender Based Violence is most often motivated by the need to exercise power or gain power over another person. It is a kind of bullying where power over another person is most often the goal.)

It’s only Gender Based Violence if it happens more than once.
(No – Gender Based Violence can happen only once.)